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A Dictionary of the Lycian Language

by H. Craig Melchert

Pp. xviii + 138 ISBN 0-9747927-0-5

Paperback, $45.00

A Dictionary of the Lycian Language by H. Craig Melchert is the first and only comprehensive dictionary in English of the Anatolian language Lycian, and represents the author’s thoroughgoing revision of his originally self-published and limitedly available Lycian Lexicon.

A Dictionary of the Lycian Language includes every form of every word (including proper names) preserved in our inscriptional corpus of both Lycian A and Lycian B (Milyan). Each entry contains, besides a gloss, all the attested inflectional forms of the lemma; a complete list of the inscriptional citations; grammatical and etymological notes; and references to secondary literature. Introducing the work is a grammatical sketch of Lycian and a bibliography, and rounding it off are a glossary of personal names and a glossary of Milyan.

A Dictionary of the Lycian Language, with its clear organization, thorough treatment, and many important new interpretations will be an indispensable reference tool for scholars in numerous fields of research, including Anatolian and Indo-European linguistics, comparative philology, and Ancient Near Eastern history.

H. Craig Melchert is A. Richard Diebold Professor of Indo-European Studies and Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus) at UCLA, and an internationally recognized expert in the Indo-European languages of ancient Anatolia. He is the editor of The Luwians (2003) and has authored Anatolian Historical Phonology (1994), several other books, and over a hundred articles.

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