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Multi Nominis Grammaticus

Studies in Classical and Indo-European Linguistics in Honor of

Alan J. Nussbaum on the Occasion of His Sixty-Fifth Birthday

edited by

Adam I. Cooper, Jeremy Rau, and Michael Weiss

Pp. xii + 366 ISBN 978-0-9747927-9-8

Cloth, $85.00

In this volume, thirty internationally recognized scholars have come together to celebrate the work of the famous Indo-Europeanist Alan J. Nussbaum. The topics range widely from Nussbaum's favorite subject of Indo-European nominal morphology, especially in the Classical languages, to the historical grammars of Tocharian, the stylistics of the Rigveda, Aristophanean philology, and much more. Nussbaum's work is honored with contributions by such renowned experts as Heiner Eichner, Jay Jasanoff, Sergio Neri, Hayden Pelliccia, Richard Thomas, and Michael Weiss. A complete bibliography of Nussbaum's oeuvre is included, and the volume closes with a full word-index. Click here to see a full list of the contributions.

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