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Vina Diem Celebrent

Studies in Linguistics and Philology in Honor of Brent Vine

edited by Dieter Gunkel, Stephanie W. Jamison, Angelo O. Mercado, and Kazuhiko Yoshida

Pp. xx + 485, ISBN 978-0-9895142-5-5

Cloth, $100.00

Forty-one scholars from across the world join in celebrating the work of Brent Vine, whose prodigious œuvre in Classical and Indo-European linguistics needs no introduction to specialists. The papers in this broad-ranging collection include not just numerous studies of the Classical languages and texts by authorities like A. C. Cassio, Olav Hackstein, Richard Martin, Alan Nussbaum, and Paolo Poccetti, but also work on more far-flung corners of the family, including Lithuanian (Daniel Petit), Lydian (Philomen Probert), Gothic (Jared Klein) and Tocharian (Adam Catt, Ronald Kim), with much more in between. Click here to see a full list of the contributions.

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