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QAZZU warrai

Anatolian and Indo-European Studies in Honor of Kazuhiko Yoshida

Edited by

Adam Alvah Catt, Ronald I. Kim, and Brent Vine

Pp. xviii + 445, ISBN 978-0-9895142-6-2

Cloth, $100.00

Kazuhiko Yoshida—“Kazu” to those who know him—has deservedly earned this wide-ranging volume as a tribute to his distinguished career in Anatolian and Indo-European linguistics. Stimulating contributions to the linguistic study of Greek, Vedic Sanskrit, Avestan, Tocharian, Old Persian, Armenian, Latin, Icelandic, and some other languages rub shoulders with papers on the Anatolian languages themselves. This panoply gives a valuable snapshot of cutting-edge research across the length and breadth of Indo-European studies. Click here to see a full list of the contributions.

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