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Lyuke wmer ra

Indo-European Studies in Honor of Georges-Jean Pinault

edited by

Hannes A. Fellner, Melanie Malzahn, and Michaël Peyrot

Pp. xxviii + 567 ISBN 978-0-9895142-9-3

Cloth, $150.00

This rich collection of articles pays homage to many of the remarkably broad and interdisciplinary interests embodied in the work of Prof. Georges-Jean Pinault. It contains not only historical and synchronic linguistic studies of numerous ancient languages—especially Tocharian, Sanskrit, Greek, and Uyghur—but also editions of several recently discovered texts from Central Asia that contribute to the burgeoning fields of Buddhist and Silk Road studies. Lyuke wmer ra is a must-read for all scholars interested in the intersection of language, literature, and religion of ancient and medieval western Eurasia. Click here to see a full list of the contributions.

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