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Maiores philologiae pontes

Festschrift für Michael Meier-Brügger zum 70. Geburtstag

edited by

Matthias Fritz, Tomoki Kitazumi, and Marina Veksina

Pp. xxiv + 270 ISBN 978-0-9895142-8-6

Cloth, $70.00

Prof. Michael Meier-Brügger’s distinguished and productive career in Greek and Indo-European historical linguistics finds fitting tribute in this volume. Over two dozen prominent scholars celebrate the honorand’s œuvre by offering original studies primarily in Greek and Anatolian, but hardly confined to those areas. Spanning such topics as the Homeric question, newly discovered Indic names in Hittite sources, Medieval and Modern Greek phonology, discourse markers, Old Irish words for ‘star’, and the Caland system, Maiores philologiae pontes contributes significantly and illuminatingly to many central questions of the field today. Click here to see a full list of the contributions.

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